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Music And Dance Center

Music And Dance Center at Tapti Valley International School
In Art, man reveals himself and not his objects – Rabindranath Tagore
Arts at

Tapti Valley International School

consist of Visual and

Fine Arts

, Dance, Drama and Music. Arts are an integral part of Tapti Valley Education. Innovations, original & new ideas, creativity are the corner stone of our Arts philosophy.

Music and Dance

All students from LKG to grade 5 go through foundations and basics of

Music and Dance

. From grade 6 on wards students have to opt for either Music or Dance.

Dance: School offers training for both Western and Classical Dances, which include Hip-hop, Salsa, Contemporary, Bharat Natyam etc.

Music: We offer vocals, tabla, synthesizer, harmonium and tanpura training.

Visharad: We also offer an optional training in Bharat Natyam, Vocals, Tabla. The School has also applied to be centre for Visharad examination.

Visual and Fine Arts: Training in these areas start from class 4 onwards and it is compulsory for the students to opt for any one of the following: Pencil/Crayon Sketching, Calligraphy, Painting using water/acrylic colors, Puppet making, 3D modeling, Collage and Paper Mache, Canvas and Wall painting. Some students even opt for more than one of the above.

7 reasons why arts are important
  • They are languages that all people speak that cut across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers and enhance cultural appreciation and awareness.
  • They provide opportunities for self-expression, bringing the inner world into the outer world of concrete reality.
  • They develop both independence and collaboration.
  • They make it possible to use personal strengths in meaningful ways and to bridge into understanding sometimes difficult abstractions through these strengths.
  • They improve academic achievement — enhancing test scores, attitudes, social skills, critical and creative thinking.
  • They exercise and develop higher order thinking skills including analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and “problem-finding.”
  • They provide the means for every student to learn.
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