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TVIS Astro Camp

TVIS Astro Camp on 18th January 2020. The second batch of the Astronomy Club members were oriented towards the night sky and its beauty through interesting mythical stories about the constellations and stars by our Principal Mr. G R Sivakumar. He taught the students how to identify the constellations and the stars. The students observed and learnt over 30 different constellations and also the details about many of the beautiful stars. They learnt how to use a star dial. He also narrated the story of the Universe to the students all night long with lots of activities and observations of the sky through the telescopes and binoculars. The students saw many deep sky objects like nebulae, galaxies, planet, open clusters and globular clusters of stars using the new 10 inch automated Goto Telescope. He showed the students many deep sky objects while telling them the story of the universe. The students learned about the different telescopes and how to use them during the hands-on session. The camp started at 7:30 pm on the 18th and went on until 3:00 am on 19th morning. The participants were excited all along and actively participated and as any astronomy camp in incomplete without an observation of the moon: the camp ended after the students saw the the beautiful quarter moon through all the telescopes. It was a truly memorable experience inspite of the increasing light pollution around our school.
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