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Literary Activities

Literary Activities at Tapti Valley International School
Skills for Life

Tapti Valley International School

recognizes and values the talented writers and artists. For our most creative


, their passion extends far beyond the

class room

. We provide clubs and activities to feed those creative minds. Mentors give


of all ages a place for expression and exploring creative pursuits. The wide spectrum of

literary activities

undertaken by the Literary Club includes book discussions, interaction with authors, review writing competitions, literary quizzes, visits to book fairs and


, workshops. The aim of the association is to identify the oratory and other individual skills among the


and encourage them and bring out the hidden talents in them.
Literary Club
It is a hub of debating, quizzing and learning language skills. The facilitators adopting the approach of minimally invasive


work on perfecting and polishing students skills as an orator, narrator, and debater. Students contribute original creative works such as:
  • short stories
  • poems and memoirs
  • book reviews, black and white drawings
Playing games like Dumb Charades is encouraged. Therefore,

literary activities


Tapti Valley International School



an effective simulation of real-life situations. Thus, every


is a valuable gem and a winner, for having learnt vital individual and social skills of life.
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