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School Uniform

  • Students shall be neatly dressed in


    on working days during

    school hours

  • School uniform

    / house uniform must be worn with the


    belt and


  • The shirt must be neatly tucked in.
  • For girls, the skirt length must not be higher than 2 Inches from the centre of the knee cap.
  • Shorts / trousers / skirts should not be worn more than 1 inch below the navel line.
  • Summer / Winter / Sports


    must be worn according to the instructions given. Seasonal


    must be worn completely.


    may not mix items of summer/ winter/ sports


  • On special occasions, outings or when attending Inter-school events,


    are expected to wear their complete


    including blazers in the winter season.
  • Hair should be well groomed. Hair style should not be weird. Dyeing and colouring of hair is not permitted.
  • Girls with shoulder-length hair or longer must have it plaited, tied back and secured with a clasp.
  • Plain black coloured Hair Band must be used.
  • Boys’ hair must be trimmed at the nape of the neck and should sit above the collar. Long hair and sideburns are not permitted.
  • Both boys and girls (grade VI onwards) may wear a basic wristwatch with black band but other accessories are prohibited. Fashionable wrist watches are not permitted.
  • Piercing of the ears for boys is not permitted.
  • Tattoos and coloured nail varnish is not to be used by girls in school uniform. Boys may not varnish their nails at any time.
  • Besides school bag, use paper / jute / cloth bag to carry extra essentials. Plastic bags are not permitted.
  • The application of Heena mehndi should be limited to only certain special occasions.
  • Prior permission is to be sought for application of Heena mehndi on plams for any personal event /ceremony.
  • Girls need to be careful that the pattern doesn’t extend beyond their wrists.
  • Application of Kajal/Surma is restricted in School.
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