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Vision and Mission



Tapti Valley International School

we strive to imbue in our students the determination and abilities to discover the treasure within, explore their latent talents and develop their skills to accomplish the desired goals and stand out in the challenging world.


Leverage Inherent Curiosity And Potential
Curiosity to learn is the treasure that every child is born with. It is this treasure that induces the process of learning and we take opportunity to satisfy and sustain this endless thirst to acquire knowledge in all respects finally enhancing the potential of the learner.

Nurture And Strengthen Multiple Intelligence
As claimed and proven by Harward Gardner each child is a combination of multiple intelligences. Its our endeavour to discover and educate the child providing the learning environment and resources suitable to these intelligences in every child.

Instill Qualities Of Leadership, Teamwork And Sensitivity
The activities designed in and outside the classroom provide multiple opportunities to students in developing their distinctive identities and playing their individual roles within the group. Working in a team towards common goals furthers their potential and prepares them to become leaders of tomorrow. We respond to and encourage sensitivity to each other’s respect, individual needs and differences.

Persevere For Academic Excellence
Comprehensive system of


of ours proves to be a catalyst in achieving excellent standards of integrated growth and development of the learning community. Through this, we thrive to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of a globally connected world. We offer




a width of exposure and a culture that inspires creativity and hones the required skills.

Inculcate Passion For Sporting Prowess And Creative Expression

Sports activities

are an integral part of

Tapti Valley International School



learn the importance of sports as a physical activity and a medium to develop camaraderie, sportsmanship and competitive spirit.

Creativity in


, literature and other domains of knowledge is closely linked.


must provide the means and opportunities to enhance the child’s creative expression and the capacity of aesthetic appreciation. Thus we at

Tapti Valley International School

make an effort to enable the learner to appreciate beauty in its several forms.

Foster Values Of Service, Integrity, Social Responsibility And Self Discipline
Fostering the humanitarian values of service, helping the deprived, appreciating their roles as global citizens and involving the


with the issues common to them and the world is our foremost endeavor. It aims at developing empathy and compassion strengthening their belief in the efficacy of their philanthropy.
Commitment Towards The Protection And Conservation Of Environment
Sensitize all


towards environment and damage being done to it and train them in preservation and conservation through varied nature friendly activities.
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